undefined reference to Load3DS(and)Bitmap


I am on linux - trying to learn opengl.

I am doing the spacesimulator.net tutorials.
The downloaded versions of the code work. I run the make file as normal BUT… when I try using the exact same code with a different 3ds or Bitmap I get the following error:

In function ‘init()’
undefined reference to Load3DS (obj_type*, char*)
In function ‘init()’
undefined reference to LoadBitmap(char*)
collect2:ld returned 1 exit status.

Does anyone know why?

I have changed the references to the former files correctly.


Help appreciated.


Hi !

There can be two reasons.

You have not included that functions object file or library when you link the application.

Or, if C++ is used (without extern “C” and so on) the arguments must match 100% or else the function will not be found, in C make sure the prototype (if you have one) match the definition of the function.

So you just have to make sure that you do include the functions definition and that the declaration/prototype match the definition.

If you do, then the error message will go away.