Unable to link GL Unable to reference error

Dear All,
I am a beginner in OpenGL and i am trying the tutorials, when i tried executing the program, it gives error like
Undefined reference to ‘glfwinit’
Undefined reference to ‘glfwOpenWindowHint’
and many set of errors, Please help me how to link.
i checked with locate glfw command. i found it , then copied the glfw.h file from GL folder to my project folder, i used -lGL g++ opengltut01.cpp command and still giving error.
It would be very kind if i get an answer :smiley:

The question is not clear to me. Yet I will throw out a premature suggestion.
Consider specifying the lib in the project properties.
On MS-Windows the programmer often has to add the specified … lib … to the project … and later
the specified … dll … must be accessible via path searching.
Please specify OS … and … compiler if you like.