Unable to download glslangvalidator

Hello, sorry if this question is dumb, but I recently got interested in shaders and started following a youtube shader tutorial. The guy there told me to use atom with glsl and for that i need glslangvalidator, which when i click this link https://cvs.khronos.org/svn/repos/ogl/trunk/ecosystem/public/sdk/tools/glslang/Install it requires a log in. Is this not free anymore or is there a different place to download this, because I can’t find anywhere where I can sign up?

Try: glslang (Khronos Github)
Click “Clone or download” -> “Download ZIP” to download the source repro.
Or under Binaries, click on the “master-tot release” link to pull binaries.

I think I see where you might have gotten the above link though.

Sounds like the binaries link on this page needs updated, or users directed to look on the Github page for that link. (I’ve sent a request to the khronos admin with the update request.)

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