UK/EU discussion forum

Are there enough UK/EU based users of this discussion board to perhaps set up a spin-off?

Do not want to take anything away from this site as it is very good, with lots of info, but perhaps developers would like to know where in the world their peers are based?

Just an idea, what do people think?

I am based in the UK and know some people who are based here too (Hi Nutty !).

I can’t see why you’d want to set a separate forum according to where people are: isn’t the purpose of these forums to bring everybody together, whatever their location is ???

Moreover, OpenGL does not know about geography…



I can understand why it could be a good idea, if enough Europeans visited the site - it can be irritating having to wait for the US etc to wake up!

But I suspect most Europeans who would reply already visit here anyway, so there’d be no real benefit.

I agree with above. The purpose of this site is to bring people together based on subject rather than location. In any case, most US coders work through the night so we can catch them first thing here (in the UK)

There are plenty of European users here !

As I only post my questions after having looked for the answer for 2 to 3 days, I don’t mind waiting another half a day to get an answer from the US guys !

And Robbo is right: some of our US friends seem to work through the night (get some holiday guys ! ).


Yeah, cool idea! But why only the forums? lets split the internet! US, Europe, Downunder, Japan, … And non-US people have to pay taxes to view US internet, and non EU people have to pay taxes for viewing EU internet!!!
This way everybody gets richer!!! isnt that cool?? It is!! Money for all!!


P.S. sorry couldn’t resist. why do you want forums with europeans only? Here there are people from all over the world and thats a good thing.

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Hi Eric, you going to the latest Gathering?

I’m European too, but I don’t see a separate forum as a good thing. As it is now you can get replies at any time of the day (or night ).

I’m also in the UK, and I can’t see why you’d want to split the forum either. I suppose we could lobby to get glColour* incorporated into 2.0, but that’s about it.

Lol! I agree about glColour. I have variables called Colour' and then errors when I apply same to any function\method\item thats US. Stooopid! Queens English isColour’ not `color’. How can they write compilers that interpret this stuff?

Ahhhh, ditch the french spelling!!

How about a forum for US only, I’m sick of helping all the foreign scum :-).

Doh! Wait I’m Scottish… never mind.

If you take this to its logical conclusion, we’d all end up talking to our immediate colleagues on a crappy intranet. Say what you like about the americans, but they do have some bright people over there - although subjecting the rest of the world to programs like “Bum Wars” (where the tv producers pay homeless people to fight in the street while being filmed) is stretching it.

Bum wars? Over in England we have the Graham Norton show. By the way, Bum means something different in this country.

Heh, you know in America instead of using the expression “bum bags” they use the word “fanny packs”?

Man, that’s just… hmn…

Didnt you know that european races (especially the nordic races) are far better than the other races? One shouldnt mix them. in fact we need to get rid of the other races.

My two bits. The topic starter didnt even come back here…

Now I’m confused
You’re joking, right?
And if you are, I don’t see the fun part of it.

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Bum Wars? Sounds like great TV to me. Better than some of the unadulterated crap the BBC used to tax me to make.

Don’t forget the details knackered, little things like putting Man on the Moon, saving Europe from fascism, economic despair then communism. I know an event as significant as “Bum Wars” can obscure the little stuff I’ve mentioned but if you look hard enough maybe you can come up with some redeeming qualities in those irritating Americans.

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Better than some of the unadulterated crap the BBC used to tax me to make

There’s some crap on the BBC, but on the whole it’s far more engaging than anything america’s come up with. You’re scottish, though - the scotts aren’t renound for their good taste Bum Wars would appeal to people who eat fried mars bars…

saving Europe from faschism

I assume that’s a joke, in very bad taste? Or is your historical knowledge based around hollywood?