ugly LOD everywhere

Hi everyone.
I was wondering whether it’s only me or others too who get annoyed by all these advanced LOD technics seen in many games in the past and nowadays. It usually looks really ugly as the distance between viewer and an LOD’ed objects changes.

I’ve just seen new demo of the game Far Cry, which is next example of how bad it looks - talking about LOD only. The stones look as if they were getting replaced all over the time, the palmas and everything else too.

Do you know any game where LOD was done in a way that it was unnoticeable for the player or it has to be like that?
Any suggestions for a better LOD?

LOD can be done well, it can be done horribly too. For LOD to be done well, the LOD should only change when the pixel error of the change is very small, sometimes even 1 pixel or less. My terrain engine uses LOD very effectively, and its impossible to notive any LOD changes since i set the pixel error to 1.
However, this means that you will use a more detailed LOD for more objects than otherwise, So yeah, if youve got a crappy computer, you have to either have crappy fps or crappy LOD changes.