Ubuntu-64-OpenVX virtual machine do not works at all

Host OS : Windows 11 Enterprise
Version 23H2

Virtual box version :

Verified all the prerequisite and they are set as suggested

  1. Run VirtualBox and add “Ubuntu-64-OpenVX” virtual machine [Machine → Add] from the local folder.
    - If you cannot install 64-bit VM, even though you have a 64-bit Windows, you need to enable virtualization in the BIOS.
    - In the Security section, enable Virtualization Technology and VT-d Feature.
    - On Windows 8.1, you also need to turn Hyper-V off (search for Turn Windows features on or off).

Post this I added the virtual machine and started it as directed in the readme but I do not see any applications like qt creator , neither the virtual machine shows any other application nor any ubuntu commands works. attaching the virtual machine boot up logs as well an image of virtual machine after boot up. Please support in resolving this.