Typos and minor errors in Collada 1.4 spec.

Hi there. I just read the reference of the core tags (no common profile, physics, or effects yet), and although I wasn’t actively looking for errors I noticed a few minor ones. None of these are serious, but I don’t think a document can be too polished, so I wrote them down as I read just in case you want to fix them anyway. Please let me know if this is not the best place to send this.

All over the place, <inpu> can be read. Looks like a typo in a search&replace.
Sometimes, the final t appears in the default font (not bold, not monospace). Yet some other times, the <input> tag will appear correctly.

In <accessor>:

> The stride attribute must have a value equal to or greater then the number
> of <param> elements.

Should be “greater than”.

> <param name=“int” />

Should be <param type=“int” />.

Also, in the examples in that page, it would be more illustrative to have the
count different from the stride (both are 3), so it is harder to miss which is which.

In <asset>:

In the child elements an <units> is listed, but everywhere else it is referred
to as <unit>, without the final s.

Also, in at least one example (not in this document) I’ve seen an <unit>
defined as name=“kilometer” meter=“0.001”. From your example I take it that
the meter keyword means ‘how many meters is one of my units’ and not
‘how is one meter expressed in my units’. But indeed, the name ‘meter’ (as
opposed to ‘meters’) may suggest the latter, and I think this needs be
clarified more explicitly.

Where you say dataTime, it should be dateTime.

In the up_axis explanation:

About the ‘in’ direction, maybe you could specify whether it’s supposed to
mean ‘into’ the scene or ‘into’ the viewer. According to the values you give,
and taking into account that you use a right handed system, it must be into
the viewer. But in the page 3-14 you talk about looking ‘into the scene’.
Even though this is said in a different context, it may raise some doubt about
what you mean by ‘in’ direction.

In the example:
The <modified> tag is closed as </comments>. Should be </modified>

> <created>2005-06-27T21:00:00Z</author>

Closing tag should be </created>.

In <input> the idx attribute not listed, but referred to in other sections. Maybe a remnant of older Collada versions?

In the remarks of <library_force_fields>:

> The <library_force_fields> element can have one or more <animation> elements.

Should be ‘one or more <force_field> elements’ , I suppose.

In material:

> <library type=“MATERIAL”>

This sounds like a leftover from an older version. It should be


> The method attribute specifies the which blending technique to use.

Either ‘the’ or ‘which’ should be taken out.


> The sid attribute is a (…). Optional attribute…

Two periods at the end of paragraph; should be one.

In the children list, ‘skew’ appears in “plain” formatting (not monospace, not
bold, not colored).


The indentation of the example is wrong.

Appendix A:

The cube example uses version 1.3 of Collada, as declared in the version
attribute of the COLLADA element.

Similar to <library type=“MATERIAL”>, the cube example in Appendix A has:
<library type=“GEOMETRY”>
which presumably should be:

Are these from an old schema?

Definitely. The version attribute in the COLLADA element is 1.3.

Everything in the list is already done in the 1.4.1 spec except the following:

  • More useful example of <accessor>'s stride attribute.
  • Better explanation of name & meter in <asset>
  • Explanation of “in” direction in <asset>
  • Incorrect closing tags in <asset> example (dang! I reviewed all the examples–how’d I miss these? :slight_smile: )

Thanks for detailed feedback; would love the same sort of thing (although hopefully not needed) when you get to peruse 1.4.1.

-ellen (collada spec tech writer)