Typical max size of textures that are allowed?

I read that textures must be of limited size (ie; 128x128 or some such). What’s the typical max size for most graphics cards these days?

I’d guess 2048x2048 or 4096x4096 is pretty common these days

mostly picking texture size has to do with sanity of using the memory. ie you can get 3 textures with 512x512 at a lower “price” than just a single 1024x1024.
I’d think 512x512 is quite alot detail
but often 256x256 would be sufficient
with a detail texture on top you can create the illusion of more detail too
quake3 does like most below 256x256
but if you want just little but top detail you can do more of course these days
but I think it makes not much sense having a tex size larger than the resolution it would be displayed at (typical 1024x768 I’d think for games)

Ah okay, more than enough. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Delphi3D maintains a most excellent database of supported OpenGL features organized by vendor, card model and driver version. Maximum texture size is listed, too. Go have a look :slight_smile:

Cool. :slight_smile: