TyphoonLabs ShaderDesigner crashing on startup


I’m getting the following message right after the splash screen shows up:

I’m on winxp sp3, p4 3GHz, 2GB ram, geforce 9500GS, with latest graphics card drivers and directx

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.

I don’t know what exactly happens, but TyphoonLabs Shader Designer doesn’t work on systems with NV cards form some time. I’m not sure, but probably for couple of years. If you really need it try to install some older drivers (with GL 2.1 support only), or try to debug it. It breaks while trying to apply fragment processor:

ShaderDesigner.ShaderDesignerForm.ApplyFragmentProcessor() + 0x2de bytes	
ShaderDesigner.ShaderDesignerForm.InitOglPanel() + 0xf5d bytes

Yeah. It crashes for me on win 7 64 bit w/ a radeon HD5770 as well.

And I thought it was just me who couldn’t get any version to work on my nVidia card or the iMacs’ ATi Mobility (which run UT3 pretty well actually) chipsets.

one typical issue with old application is a buffer overflow when they get the OGL extension string. many applications allocate a char[MAX] on the stack and copy the string into it; MAX is often a hardcoded value, which ends up being too small a few years later when many new extensions have been added.

on AMD platform, you could try to rename the application to x29.exe; we already have a workaround for that apps in place which will limit the size of the string.

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