Two texture on a model with different transparency

Hi all,

I followed the 3ds loader tutorial to create my application that loads a 3D face with texture from 3ds file. Now I want to add another texture on top of the previous texture with some transparency so I can reflect some new patters on the model.

Can I have overlapping texture on a model with different transparent level? How can I achieve this?

When I call the 2nd texture with transparent level it just replaces the first texture
glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, LoadBitmap(“texture2.bmp”);

Thanks in advance.

Either you can use a new material shader to handle multiple textures and combine them in some fashion, or you may have to enable GL blend and use a multi-pass approach to render the model.

Thanks a lot BionicBytes.
i did it using multi-pass approach[1][2].

when the textures added together the color of the original texture changes, it can be solved by adjusting contrast level[3]

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