Two OpenGL cards

I have two OpenGL supported cards in my pc. One is a really old ati (don’t know why it supports OpenGL) and the other one is my voodoo 2 card. The Problem is, that OpenGL doesn’t use the voodoo 2 card. I don’t know whether it is software, but how can I force OpenGL programs to use the voodoo 2 card?

Similar prob. here. Have s3virge-gx/dx as display adapter but it also has built in acceleration. Other card is monster3dII. After Glsetup s3virge gets openglide under the voodoo2 drivers w/ voodoo2 pnl and monster cpl is gone.
Will a rerun of Glsetup config. the monster also? EGADS

I did not run GLsetup for my first card, and running it for my voodoo 2 (monster 3dII) multiple times doesn’t make it better.

I have the same problem.
a couple years ago I saw an app that would allow you to select which video card to be used… but I havent had any luck in finding it since

I think it may have been mentioned on

btw I am running ATI all in wonder pro and SLI Voodoo 2’s [see my thread] …ugh

i dunno about this but i think i have a solution
make sure u remove the Video Card You Don’t Want To Use And Uninstall GLSetup And The Drivers
Keep The Card You Need Inside And Install GLSetup
It Should Now Only Detect 1 Card
Add The Other Card Inside And Install It But DON’T USE GLSetup On It…

:X Good idea except that Voodoo 2 is a true 3D only card i.e. I cant pull the 2D video card out… unless I added another 2D video card…
That would bring to 4 video cards… chuckle
it may work…I dunno

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Exactly. It may (or may not) work, if you have 2 primary cards, but I (we?) have only one and an addon card. Did you ever try to run your computer with a 3d-only card? the BIOS will not allow that.