tvout radeon 9200 problem


i haven’t had any problems over the years…but a few days ago

suddenly my tv out stopped working.

when i open the display tab in the radeon 9200 properties.

there are no green of red buttons.

everything is faded out.

i don’t know what caused this.

i tried reinstalling the radeon drivers but this did not help.

usually the upper left was always green.

and the tv (buttom left) was red/green by clicking on it.

thanks in advance.

Is TV-out an OpenGL feature ? Not really.
Anyway some basic recommendations :

  • TV-out chips can die. I had one card, in which everything worked well, then suddenly no tv, and visual inspection showed a burned component. Everything else was still ok.
  • maybe tv cable is not plugged correctly, or tv is off, and driver only allow tv out when a tv is detected at the other end.
  • just before it break, did you changed drivers or anything ? played with rivatuner or this sort of stuff ?

the only thing i did was to disconnect the cable before i disable the TV out.
usually i disable the tv out and only afterwards disconnect the cable.