Tutorials for basic texture mapping from scratch?

Hey all, I found code on how to use OpenGL for basic texture mapping, but can you guys recommend any tutorials or threads that show how to write code from scratch to put a texture on a 3D object? I found one for doing my own lighting and I am trying to really dig into these 3D concepts without leaning 100% on the wonderful API :smiley:

NOTE: I would want to use OpenGL for everything else, like making the 3D objects, camera, etc.

You don’t make the objects and camera with OpenGL. You load-from-disc or calculate some data, and then send it to OpenGL :slight_smile:


http://nehe.gamedev.net/ link doesn’t work, maybe their server is down…

codesampler is awesome! One problem though, these appear to be tutorials for the non-masochist who want to get things done using the API. Are there any tutorials that show how to specific things from scratch? For example, basic texture mapping, or making a 3D cube or something?

they actually show alot.
you should get familier with those samples first. understanding will come with time.