Tutorials, Books for OpenGL Beginner ??

Hi all,

Please recommend me beginners tutorials and Books. I am reasonably comfortable in C++. I know my computer supports OpenGL 4.1.

OpenGL Super Bible 5th edition is a good start ? It support 3.3 which is considered modern OpenGL I believe ?

From this link I can get OpenGL 4 Shading Language Cookbook at reasonable price but some mentioned here are using older version which is of no use anymore.

This one resource has been invaluable for my getting started:


And it’s motivated me to make a video tutorial channel on youtube to go along with it, plus I’m using other references as well:


I’m currently working towards a 2D Top Down / 2D Platformer Combo, and will be documenting the entire coding in OpenGL on this youtube channel.

If you have anything in particular that you wish to request a video for, please do so, and even though I am a beginner / intermediate, I will try my best to produce said video!



[QUOTE=OceanJeff40;1290061]This one resource has been invaluable for my getting started:


I can absolutely agree on this one. And on top of that, there’s also a free book version of the website:

It’s a very friendly introduction - I am currently in the chapter about lighting!

Best of luck,


Thanks. I downloaded the sample code from this tutorial and got it running http://www.opengl-tutorial.org/ I have also seen and downloaded the pdf from learnopengl.com tutorial.

GLFW seems to be more popular. Is it worth learning SDL or using freeGLUT ? Superbible 5th edition for some reason using GLUT.

Making videos will definitely be helpful not only to me but all newbies. I have seen some of your videos :slight_smile:

I am working in C#, so I cannot tell you what library is better.

For now however,I don’t think it matters what library you choose. if I’m correct the OpenGL Book uses GLFW - if you’re going with the OpenGL book then i’d suggest using that too to avoid unnecessary confusion and frustration.

I’ve actually found that recording my screen to make videos for people is better than streaming and programming (I did that for a while…). It sort of focuses my concentration, and it’s easier to get things done, I find.


P.S. Thanks for watching!

Basically, I don’t think of classic learning through reading as the most effective way to get yourself into OpenGL for sure. But nevertheless, I should describe the information provided by LearnOpenGL as the most comprehensive and easy to get. For the first time, this website and stack overflow are the very things you need to get it started. And this summarized PDF book by them is quite perfect as well, but due to some issues with the file path it doesn’t download properly, sometimes it’s just blank pages. For such cases you need to open the file with the editor like this one for example https://w9.pdffiller.com and to save as a new file - it always works in that fashion. Wish you luck with that!

It is easy to translate to another programming languages: