I am a java guy and working on c++ for opengl is not going well for me. Please if someone know any good tutorial for JOGL…kindly help…

I saw http://nehe.gamedev.net/ but could not find tutorial for JOGL here…



The tutorials are written in c but if you go down to the bottom of any of the lessons you’ll see that you can download the lesson in jogl and others.

The opengl functions should work the same. This site is not going to teach you the modern way to program opengl graphics, but it is a way to get something running on screen quickly. I ended up learning from this site a long time ago and slowly transitioned to learning the modern way of doing things vbos, fbos, shaders, etc.

If possible though I recommend trying to find a site where you’ll learn the modern way which is at the least using shaders, and managing own matrix math.

here’s a site that has jogl tutorials. this will probably be better than the nehe:

Thanks alot for the advice and the link…Just the thing I wanted for the start…