I have a problem with openVX and their tutorial. I compiled exercise1.cpp but when run the exercise1.cpp I obtain an execution error.

Starting /home/juanzapata/openvx_tutorial/build-tutorial_exercises-Desktop-Debug/exercise1/exercise1…
init done
opengl support available
OK: FILE …/…/tutorial_videos/PETS09-S1-L1-View001.avi 768x576
ERROR: failed with status = (-7) at /home/juanzapata/openvx_tutorial/tutorial_exercises/exercise1/exercise1.cpp#153
/home/juanzapata/openvx_tutorial/build-tutorial_exercises-Desktop-Debug/exercise1/exercise1 exited with code 1

the line #152 and 153 is :
vx_context context = vxCreateContext();
ERROR_CHECK_OBJECT ( context ) ;

and the error -7

VX_ERROR_NO_RESOURCES = -7,/*!< \brief Indicates that an internal or implicit resource can not be acquired (not memory). This is typically catastrophic. After detection, deconstruct the context. \see vxVerifyGraph. */

when I make a debugging I obtain:

The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the operating system
Signal name : SIGSEGV
Signal meaning : Segmentation fault

I use debian 4.6.4-1 with gnome qtcreator 4.0.3 openvx1.1 opencv 3.1

Can anybody help me?