Trying to use PowerVR OpenGL ES emulation for Windows

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I’m trying to get started using PowerVR OpenGL ES emulation for Windows, but when I try to run some example, I compile it and I just can see an empty window being shown for less than a second and being closed automatically :s

What’s happening?

Do you create a window and pass its handle to eglCreateWindowSurface? IIRC you might also have to pass the device context handle of the window to eglGetDisplay.
The emulation layer does not create a window for you. You wouldn’t be able to use your own WndProc with it if it did.

The easiest way to find out what’s going wrong is steppinig through your initialization function in a debugger and checking the return values of the EGL functions as well as eglGetError().

Of course you can send any questions specific to this emulation library to

Hi All,

I’m trying to use PowerVR, but I couldn’t find libEGL.lib. Where can i get it?

Thanks in advance,
Dongpyo Hong

From the device manufacturer.

In the PC emulation SDK, EGL is part of the libGLES_c*.lib.

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