Trying to use java 3d 1.3.1 with OpenGL

I think the topic says it all. This is my first post and I thought this would be the best place to ask my question and get it answered. I am a noob in graphics and so here goes. I should probably start with my system specs:
3.4 GHz P4 w/HT
1 GB DDR400 Ram
256 MB Mobility 9800 AGP Graphics Card by ATI
Omega 2.6.05a Graphics card drivers.

I think it could be because of the graphics card drivers I am using, but I downloaded the OpenGL Java 3d 1.3.1 SDK and when I try to run the example code that came with the SDK nothing appears. I mean a window pops up but there is nothing in it. At the same time in the command prompt I see a message saying “Pixel format error” or something similar to that. I am running Windows XP. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Hi guys,
I just found out apparently there is an issue regarding ATI hardware drivers and j3Ds opengl runtime that causes the error I talked about previously. Thanks

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