Trying to use fly3d need, opengl3d.dll

Trying to use fly3d with a Voodo2 card but i need opengl3d.dll to get fly3d to use my card, but cannot find out where to get this dll from. Please do not tell me to go to glsetup because this install all the dll i just want the one to put in fly3d dir. any help would be great.

If you really mean opengl3d.dll instead of opengl32.dll is this not an OpenGL system file.

Guess opengl32d.dll is a debug version. You can get this one by compiling Mesa3D in debug mode. Or, copy opengl32.dll to the directory containing the executabe, and renme it to opengl32d.dll.

ok we the thing is i am ownly going on the info placed in on the sdk part of the web page details at the bottom of that page, so if there is no such .dll then i guess they have got it wrong?? Cheers for the help any way

I can not access the page but many libraries is using OpenGL so of course can it be a opengl3d.dll file. If such file exist is it more like an application that is using OpenGL and not a OpenGL system file.

ok so what do you think i could do next? any ideas

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