Trying to compile an old program with glaux for Linux?

Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask my question (I am sorry if not).
I need to compile this program in Linux (Appendix A section in the link), which uses OpenGL and a header called glaux:

in SimpleFace.c file the following lines causing problem:

static void CALLBACK <something> (void)

auxKeyFunc (<AUX_KEY_CONSTANT>, <desired_callback_function>)

and other definitions with AUX.

I tried to find glaux however it is not available in Linux, and it even deprecated in Windows. Although exe file still working on Windows, so I thought I could replace it with something.

You’ll need to modify the code to use GLUT or GLFW instead.

GLaux was written by Microsoft, for Windows, and AFAIK the source code was never released (and even if it was, porting the program to use GLUT/GLFW would probably be simpler than porting GLaux to a different OS).

Thank you very much! I replaced glaux constants and functions with glut equivalents (pretty much all of them had one) and it worked. It was also a good starting exercise for getting familar with gl stuff :slight_smile: I could not add file as attachment but can send if someone needs.