trying cool stuff with mutliple viewports??

well, ever played Starfox64 multiplayer with less than 4 players? if so, you’ve noticed the “camera” quadrant(s). That’s what I am trying to accomplish (in a very basic way).

my window size: 480x240

so, my first guess was… setting the Viewport in my InitGL() by:





So… in my DrawScene() i drew a circle with r=1 at the origin… I expected to see two circles, but instead I only got the right viewport… perhaps I was mistakened but I thought you would specify the viewport, and then assign the clipping plane to it… and you could do this over and over… but, am I mistakened? if so, how else could I do what I want to do?

You can only have one active viewport at any one time - if you want a split view you’ll need to make your first glViewport call, draw your scene, then make your second glViewport call and draw the scene again.