Try my version of Pacman
The maximal file size by my server is 256k so I had to keep it simple. 10 levels. Arrow keys move, S key: slow,N key: normal, F key: fast. A number key between 1 and 9 change view.

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I’ve made some changes. Now after 50 coins you can shoot the ghosts back to where they came from.

That’s pretty cool!

I have a couple suggestions, though, if you’d like to hear them…

  • too many dead-ends in the maze, makes it extremely difficult to not get trapped by a ghost
  • I’d probably like to see more of the map at any given time, so I can plan out where I’m going, perhaps if the field of view were increased it would help. It’s also hard to see when a ghost is coming at you, for the same reason.

Other than that it looks good! It was easy to play, and I liked having the different speed options, that is a nice feature.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the suggestions!

I tried it also…
Not bad work…
It was a bit too dark for me, as the other poster said need to be able to see more of the map.
Maybe have a powerup dot, so that you can eat the ghost