try my demo

hi guys!
i’m not quite sure whether i should post my demo link to advanced forum, as there’s not so much about advanced OpenGL technics in it, but i’d like to hear your “advanced” (in fact any) opinions on my “Lol” engine

there’s still (obviously) much to do, and the sample map here doesn’t look like it should finally because i had no time to work on details like texture wrapping…

just try it and hf

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fmod.dll missing :stuck_out_tongue:

thx, yes forgot about it…
sorry my link doesn’t work (don’t know for how long) but it’s because my server crashed down…
try instead:

did anyone run it yesterday? i was very interested what performance you get on your hardware, espacially on those powerful…

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still fmod.dll missing.

ok, now should work… , but does it really work?

I it still isnt contained then simply download it from…

nice demo! runs at 25 FPS (in the room with the 4 mirrors) and at 85 FPS in the room with the water.

I have a GeForce 2 Ultra, and a PII 350.


Really nice

Looks good, I get about 50 fps in the room with mirrors and about 200 fps in the room with water.

I have PIII 700 + GF4 4600

Looks nice!
252.5 fps average after the demo had run through on Radeon 8500 + Athlon 1800+. Peeks as high as 625 fps

Now some bumpmapping on it and your set to go

Congratulations, you’re on the front page.

Nice work.

57-60 fps on an Athlon 1500 w/GF2mx-400.
nice to see a demo that doesn’t need a GF3+ to run.

Works pretty good on my Radeon 8500 and Duron 600. About 60FPS.

I it still isnt contained then simply download it from…

I can’t be arsed. IF ppl want other ppl to test their stuff, the least they can do is make sure the archive contains all the required files.

I get around 200ish most of the time. Peaking over 400, min about 90. On an Athlon 1.13Ghz, GF4 4600

Nice stuff.

thank you all for your feedbacks…
that really makes me willing to continue !

Nutty, sure you’re right, that’s because i haven’t tested it on any other machine before - i’ll do from now…

– Mickey