Troubleshooting OpenGL

Hi, i’ve been working on a fractal planet program in OpenGL, having a few small problems.

1st - my program runs fine for most people, but one user reported that the screen looked like a “mass of polygons” on his machine. This was an intermittent problem. (code is at

(EDIT: I fixed this, looks like my NearView was too close to zero at 0.01, with a FarView of 10000, I upped nearview to 1.0 and he reports no more problems)

I’m rendering the sphere as a number of Quad Strips, using vertex arrays etc to send the data to the video card, then each is converted to a display list which is called each frame.

Because of the reported errors with my release build, I did a debug build, but when I did that all the spherical planets now look egg-shaped! (in model coordinates, not screen coordinates). Does anyone know a reason the transform should be different when I do a release vs debug build?

I’m basically looking for some pointers to help me fix or avoid these sorts of issues.

I’m using visual c++ / 2008 express, GLUT (should I switch to using SDL or something? Could that help?)

The code, along with Win32 release and debug exe’s (and a couple of screenshots) are on the forum thread where I’ve based this project, here:

I can’t give you an answear to your main question, but I definitely recommend to move away from GLUT. It will most likely not fix the problem, but GLUT is really outdated and changing will make things easier for you in the future. Look for alternatives here.

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