Troubles with texturing

I have a 256x256 24bpp bitmap that I want to use as a texture. I load it into memory using the auxilliary library functions and structures:

AUX_RGBImageRec *johnTextures[4];

memset(johnTextures, 0, sizeof(void *)*4);

if ( !(johnTextures[0] = auxDIBImageLoad(“monccut.bmp”)) )

It loads the texture fine. Then I go through the usual texture generation steps (bind the bitmap to a texture ID, generate a 2D texture with glTexImage2D). Later in my application, I render a rectangle using the texture as a fill.

The program works fine and dandy (i.e. I’m able to see the texture), on my Win 98 machine with a GeForce 2 card. However, when I build and run the application on my Win 2k with a Voodoo 3 card, I don’t see the texture at all. Is there some issue with the Voodoo 3 card and OpenGL texturing, that I have not dealt with? I have all the latest drivers for the Voodoo 3. I’m stumped.


I think that her Voodoo’s card doesn’t support the 256*256 24 bpp texture.

I think that the Voodoo’s card only support 256*256 8 bpp texture.

To be confirmed …

the voodoo3 is able to display a 256x256x24 bit texture (though only in 16 bit colour mind)

256x256 is the maximum texturesize for voodoo cards. sorry ive got no idea why it doesnt work. BTW the aux library has sort of fallen from favour years ago.