trouble installing detonator


perhaps this is not the right place for asking but I got much help from this forum already.

Im running a GF4 TI4600 with a 1.3Ghz Athlon and a ASUS a7v266-e board
I decided to upgrade from detonator 28.32 to 29.40 for win2k, to get away with some bugs(see ). But after installing, win2k did not recognize my graphic card. So I rebooted an again, no success.I thought better an old driver than no one, I tried to install the original 28.32 but it also failed. On my win98 partition the 28.32 runs fine

Perhaps someone can help me or point me to some help

When you install the drivers, windows might say that “this may not be the right drivers”. Is that what you are talking about.

You can always tell it to install the driver and it will shut up after. Happens to me with my modem and my geforce.
You can always try uninstalling the driver from Add/Remove



I got it to work, after reinstalling directx 8.1 windows accepted the drivers, Strange, but it works :wink: