Triple-buffer in OpenGL?

How can I use triple frame buffer in OpenGL?

I saw some DirectX demos (and games) using triple-buffer, but how to do this in OpenGL?

(by the way, I’m working with Windows if a decision is in some WGL function)

not possible

There’s no way to control that in OpenGL, but the driver may select to run in tripplebuffered mode.

I sohuldn’t think there’s any benefit in using three buffers… You only need to draw to one and read from the other, and switch the one you read/write to/from for the next frame. wtf is so hard about that, and how does triple buffering help? (yes, ima n00b)

Triple-buffer has a benefit when V-Synch of your video-card is enabled (that is a MUST for normal playnig) I think. Example:
You drawing in back buffer. When you ready you call API to swap buffers, but API doesn’t return until buffers are really swapped (and with V-Synch on you can swap then only when its time to draw another frame on monitor) and you must wait a bit. With triple-bufer you don’t need to wait, when back-buffer One is rendered you call swap API and continue to render in back-buffer Two.
It’s all about for a little FPS enhance(more on a system with low monitor refresh rate) at the cost of more video-memory.