Trilinear and Ansitropic filtering?

Hi, just two quick questions:

Is LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR equivalent to trilinear filtering? I always assumed it was…

How do we get anisotropic filtering in OpenGL?


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Yes, LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR is trilinear filtering.
GL_LINEAR means a weighted average of four adjacent pixels.
GL_*_MIPMAP_LINEAR means a weighted average of two mipmap levels.
And these two compined is trilinear filering.

And I’m sorry to say that there is no anisotropic filtering available (yet?). If you really need it, you must do it yourself.


Use an OpenGL Extension:


I don´t know how it is used? I asked this in the beginners forum, but this is anisotropic filtering. It´s supported by GeForce (or higher) cards.


Yes, GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic is supported by GeForce & Quadro (MAX_TEXTURE_MAX_ANISTROPY_EXT == 2).
Don’t know about other cards.