tribes 2???

i installed the opengl that comes with the game and ran it, the only problem is that when i play the text is all bar code type and i dont know what to do plz help me

Yes, I concur. I just bought tribes, but I found a far worse bug. The game REQUIRES OpenGL to work, apparently, and I have a shiny new P4 1.6 Ghz with a new 64mb Geforce (I think 2 or 3, can’t remember what the box said. My eyes were blinded by tears of joy.) I have downloaded all the newest drivers/OpenGL crap/etc. and it STILL doesn’t work. I try to install tribes 2 and I get a message that says something to the song of, “Hey! You don’t have openGL! You stupid moron, XP isn’t supported, so wait until it is then go to and get it, you pethetic loser!” Now, naturally, I wanted to throw the blasted thing out the window, but I restrained myself (suprisingly) and searched the net for hours looking for a solution. I got nothing. This forum is my last hope. Queen save my soul. PS-- I’m from America, I talk british because its fun, blokes!

I had same problem in Win XP(with a Gforce4 mx440). Had to run tribes 2 in D3D mode. Then decided to degrade to Windows 2000 Pro. Tribes then worked in OpenGL mode again.