In a lot of example codes or tutorial i read i saw that they where drawing their tris with a loop. But first of all u had to calc how many polys u have before u can build this loop. How ??? And how if u have a file (.3ds or so) No tutarial do this, or i don’t saw it
i’ll be glad for reposts

by loading 3ds you get the count of tris, without you cant load this file( Tris-Chunk contains first the triscount and then triscount-Tris …)!

PS: without this structure you can generate your tris by yourself, but how do you know which of the ??-Tris(dont know how many but more than 12) you can calc are the 12 tris you want ?!?

thanx for help
but does anybody has example code of how to load 3ds files ?

check for the 3ds file format