triangle strips

Do any of the collada exporters export triangle strips? The Maya version does not seem to have it.

Hi captainfreedom
the exporter bundled with the latest release of Blender allows you to export models using Polygons or Triangles, just try:

File->Export->COLLADA 1.4(.dae)…

in the following screen you can see a series of buttons as well as the Texture or Polygon selection.

I hope this is what you were looking for.

// Check my latest tutorial for COLLADA DOM under Leopard:

Thanks for the answer, but I’m talking about triangle strips, not triangles

Exporting triangles is pretty common, exporting triangle strips isn’t. I think a lot of engines have moved away from triangle strips because with the newer graphics architectures and their vertex caches the speed advantage of triangle strips has mostly disappeared (if you organize your data right).

I develop for mobile phones where opengl es is often software rendered, so triangle strips are important for me.
Are you saying then that they are not supported by the plugins?

Ah, ok…

I will have to check to confirm this…I don’t recall seeing triangle strip support but I can have a look at Maya, Max and XSI to try and confirm this. I think they all handle importing strips, but they then export them as a list.

There may be an external tristrip generating tool you could use, but this won’t be too helpful if you’re hand-tuning your strips and don’t want their layout changed.