Triangle size


I have a question about the glVertex3* function. If i make a triangle that’s 1.0 big the triangle is pretty big. I’ve seen som programs make triangles that are 16 big and they seem much smaller, even if I stand next to them.
Has it anything to do with the view port settings.


It all depends on how you setup your viewfrustum, i.e. with either glFrustum() or gluPerspective(). If you make the frustum larger, a triangle will look smaller if you keep the same numbers in glVertex().

If your view function- gluPerspective() or glFrustum(), uses a fov angle in it (you don’t have to but it helps), cahnge the angle; 5 deg. will give a telescope view, 180 deg. will give a fish eye view with a strange wrap around effect making objects smaller to fit on the screen.