Tree structure in Opengl

hello, Im making an opengl program where i need to organize data into a tree structure. I wanna visualize this tree structure like in eg. windows Explorer. Does someone know where i can find an existing implementation. I already found some tree structures to use with MFC, but my program is set up as an opengl window. So I cant use MFC drawing commands. Modifying this existing structure is too complex.

Or is it possible to use MFC drawing commands in an opengl window ? I mean a CDC object to draw lines and stuff.

I have looked at GLUI and I do not find any documentation of how trees are implemented in OpenGL. I am aware that OpenGL is not designed for 2D widgets like that and that I should use something like MFC or .Net, but I have to implement a 2D touch screen in a 3D virtual environment world and the only option I have is to implement in OpenGL. Do anyone have any idea of where to point to? I have looked at the rollouts in GLUI, but that isn’t close enough to what I am looking for.

Look for CEGUI. It seems to support everything, even tree controls.
There is a screenshot of one here :

This looks promising, thank you. I’ll come back and let everyone know whether this works for my specific situation.