Transparent Texture

I’m having some problems with transparent textures.

What I want to do is be able to specify a color that is completely transparent and the rest of the image should be completely opaque.

Is this possible?

Load an image with alpha values, and then use blending to make it transparent.

you can add an alpha value to the targa(*.TGA) files. try to work with TGA files.

My image is a TGA file. Some parts of the image is made transparent in photoshop. The way I do this is just deleting the parts I want transparent.(I dont create any alpha layers, is this something I must do?) I then save the file as a 32 bit TGA file.

My problem is that when I try to use this Image as a Texture, the parts that should be transparent is colored with the current color settings. I want these parts to be completly transparent and the rest of the image completely opaque. Is this possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, for proper TGA alpha, you need to create and edit an alpha channel in photoshop.
Try re-reading you current TGA with photoshop, you’ll see the transparent parts have disapeared as well…