Transparent Objects

I’m working in an application that have transparent objects. I’m using a BSP tree to sort the triangles of the objects.
It work’s fine and we get a very good rendering, but it’s very slow to render because the BSP split the object in a lot of triangles (if the object have 5000 triangles, when I put in the BSP can be 80000 triangles) and we can’t render it as a strip.
Do you know another method of drawing transparent objects?
We can lose some quality in the final image.

I have a similar application. I did it this way:

All non-transparent geometry is stored in a leafy BSP-tree. Leafy BSP-trees are smaller than others, however they yield only to good results, as long as there are no transparent objects.
The transparent objects are stored in another (not leafy) BSP-tree.
First i draw the opaque geometry front to back, then the transparent back to front.

I found out, that the separation is very good, because both, the transparent, and the opaque geometry, is less split.

I don´t know if you can do this, it sounded, as if you have ONLY transparent geometry. In this case separation is not possible, of course.


I draw the non-transparent objects without depth sorting, using the Z-Buffer. After that, I draw the transparent objects.