Transparency issue in Google Earth

I have a model placed in Google Earth (made with SketchUp) which have big windows with a transparent material.
See a pic. here: … a01tf7.jpg
You see the stair inside? Actually is the only interior object that can be seen from outside.
But, as you can see, the transparent windows makes all the model transparent, the interior too. You can see the horizon behind. If you get into the house you could see there are objects there. See the interior here:

Does anyone know if this may be fixed? If so, in what way? Maybe some dae file editing? Or is it just a Google Earth limitation?

Thanks in advance for any reply. Sorry if this is not the correct Forum to ask this.


Can you post the <effect> from your .dae file that contains the transparency description?

Is it possible to post the SketchUp file and the exported COLLADA file?
At least with the relevant objects?