Transparency in imported textures, how?

hi, i wonder if it is possible to get transparency in textures like the transparency we get in png or gifs… imagine i want to place a texture in a square, but my texture has a blank (white) background, is there a way to make the white background invisible?


JML from PT

TGA textures have support for an alpha channel. If you are using bmp or some other format that doesnt support an alpha channel, you can fake it. You can make functions to turn white or black pixels into transparent pixels. Or you could use the intensity (lightness or darkness) to get varying degrees of transparency. Even better, you could use two seperate images-- one for the actual texture, and another grayscale image that serves as an alpha channel.

The best way to do it is still to use TGA’s though.

And if you didnt know, transparent textures need to be in the RGBA format, with the alpha component serving as the transparency of the pixel.