translating georeferenced assets

I need to translate several hundred georeferenced openflight models into georeferenced collada objects. Is there a convenient tool with which to do this? Max won’t keep the geos and Creator doesn’t seem to support collada yet.

You can use Open Scene Graph. It has COLLADA import/export, and import for openflight and other formats.
I think there is a standalone conversion utility (osgconvert?) that you can run in a batch.

If you do find a conversion path that preserves georeferencing info, please let us know, as it’d be very useful for some people (me!). Collada doesn’t support georeferencing info as part of the standard (you can use <extra> for that), and many model conversion pipelines aren’t set up to handle that type of data, so I’d be surprised if you manage to find an existing conversion path that will do that for you.

OpenSceneGraph is probably your best bet. The DAE plugin was mainly tested converting from openflight models. It currently doesn’t support everything that openflight did (no billboards, no sequence animations, no LOD) but the plugin could be extended to do that.

Adding an <extra> to export georeferencing info would probably be simple to implement in the plugin. Its definately not there now but wouldn’t take to long to get in there.


How does google earth retain georeferencing info? I’d like to be able to stream my 3d objects to GE and other geospatial packages, and I made the (incorrect) assumption that it was part of the Collada spec.

the .kmz file is a zip file containing the COLLADA (dae) document, as well as a GE proprietary file (kml) which contains the georeferencing information.
This may change in the future, as more features are added to COLLADA with each new release.