Translating C to opencl C, newbie

Please forgive my lack of education on this matter.
I’m certain that there are some fine manuals out there that explain this somewhere, but I have not found them.
After having listened to a few vids on opencl I’m growing a bit confused on a few things.

  1. What is a non standard C99 header?
  2. How do you use qsort or such if function pointers are forbidden?
  3. When people say that “recursion” is forbidden, what type are they talking about?
    3.a. Suppose I have a few arrays of unknown length X and I want to use functional or for loop recursion, what do I do instead?


Your own header file; not those from standard library (like stdio.h)

You need pointers' for this, not function pointers’, which is OK.

Functions which call themselves; the most famous one is the recursive implementation of `factorial’ function.

Sorry, I do not get you. Please expand your question.

Just an advice: read a good book on the subject, it is far more productive!

I’m not quite following, could you show me a function prototype as an example?

Sorry, I do not get you. Please expand your question.[/QUOTE]
You explained it in answer to 3.

Thank you.

Does this help?