Transformation Matrix Line into Circle


Created application to identify the vertex point to draw the circle.
if angle is zero if connect all vertex points displays the straight line. Based on angle calculate the radius and identify the vertex points. If connect these points displays the circle.

If angle is more vertex connected lines are not display properly. Line edges are destroyed. Because GL_LINE_SMOOTH, GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH modes are not enables. my environment version is ES2.

To avoid this distraction issue move the other approach. To connect the vertex points instead of GL_LINE_STRIP used GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP and calculate the additional points to support the GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP .

Due to this Memory also get increased and CPU usage also increased.
EX: if use GL_LINE_STRIP, GLFLOAT array[50] required, incase GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP, GLFLOAT array[50*6] required.

Vertex shader created to apply the transformation and projection matrix.


  1. Is it possible to calculate additional vertex point and connect this points on vertex shader program? How?
  2. Can we create a matrix to shift the vertex position based on angle? How?