Transformation matrices.


I have a few questions regarding this topic.
What i am doing/want to do is a (LH)left handed( x=right, y=up, z=front) row-major viewing library, which implements my own lookat, ortho, perspective, frustum functions. And i want to use OpenGL transformations on lowest level, like glLoadMatrix, glMultMatrix, and matrix mode switches.

But i am having some problems. Here, how my engine is working right now.

1 - grabbing model from any model format, .3ds as an example (RH, x=right, y=front, z=up) to my LH coordinate system by swapping y and z, also swapping second and third components of triangles.

2 - using this data in my LH(x=right, y=up, z=front) math/physics/… library, doing all viewing math in my LH library

3 - results to OpenGL by only using matrix switches, Load and Mult.

Simply, what i am doing is, a viewing library. LH version of Humus/Framework-1-2-3/Math/Vector. And converting results to OpenGL style.
But something is not as it should be :slight_smile:

Thank you.