transform terrain

hi there,
we Developed our car using Ageia API, now we need to drive it over a OpenFlight terrain using our own OpenGL rendering system. our question is how to convert the openflight terrain to heightfield so the Ageai can understand the terrain…


I know for a fact that the open flight file format is well documented on the internet. Now you know that, you can use google.

all I need is the geometry of the terrain, no texture etc…

> all I need is the geometry of the terrain, no texture etc…

So read the documentation and find out how to read geometry. Skip these parts of documentation that talk about textures etc…

Do you expect us to read the documentation for you? That doesn’t make much sense. First - someone else would be doing your work for you this way, second - you would receive second-hand information this way, while you can get first-hand information right from documentation.

And you can also google for some sample applications that do what you want.

This isn’t an OpenGL question. This is a data conversion question.

Grab OpenSceneGraph, PolyTrans, or …, and do whatever you have to do.

take it easy guys,
I’m just try to save time and maybe one of you did something like it and can point to a lead or some links, that’s all.

I think, nobody likes when someone is trying to save his time by the cost of another man’s time.
Sorry for offtopic.

save time? is your internet connection so slow that it’s quicker to post on a forum and wait for an answer, rather than just typing open flight file format into google?
I think it’s more to do with being someone who’s bullsh*tted their way into a job they’re not qualified for. I see it all the time, and it disgusts me.

I’d counter that with “It never hurts to ask.”

At work I often help out the junior programmers and would much prefer they ask something rather than do it incorrectly or not get it done because they don’t know where to start.

Sorry orendavd, you’re question is indeed not OpenGL related. End of topic.

Not the same thing at all. If a junior programmer made no effort to get himself started before asking, I’d sack him.

5 minutes search:

Agreed… However I would weigh the amount of time he wasted before asking to determine his laziness. Did he ask the moment the assignment was given to him? Or did he wait a week? This forum does not allow us to explore whether the op also happened to Google his problem (but it seems likely that he didn’t). Casting your net wide can increase your catch. Yay metaphors!

I enjoy playing devil’s advocate. Luckily I have no vestment in the op’s employment. Fire the bastard.


5 minutes? tell me you have to type using a mouth paddle.

Bad mood, knackered? Climax or just impotence?

Probably just a bad case of **** warts :slight_smile:

This thread could use a healthy dose of brotherly love!

P.S. I nominate Jackis’ avatar for funniest image of the year L O L.