Transform feedback on NVIDIA 9800gt

Is GF9800GT running on the latest WHQL NVIDIA driver (197.45) support transform feedback in OpenGL 3.2 core profile ?

I have this transform feedback code that run perfectly fine on ATI 4670 (using 10.3 driver,OpenGL 3.2 core profile)
but crash on the above hardware/driver configuration.

GLEW also report missing in EXT_transform_feedback extension on GF9800GT/197.45
but I not too sure about this (might be error on GLEW’s part)

		printf("Extension not support");

I dont have any NVIDIA card at this moment (the crash was produced on my brother PC running above configuration).

If transform feedback is confirmed support on 9800gt in OpenGL 3.2 core profile , I will go out to buy one for debugging purpose.

Thanks in advance.

problem fixed.

It my mistake to call glTransformFeedbackVaryings after program linking which is obiviously wrong (but catalyst 10.3 allowed it).

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