Transform Feedback & Interleaved

Hi there, i use transform feedback with double buffering to retrieve some informations after a process on my texture buffer object (TBO) with a vertex shader, i use GL_INTERLEAVED_ATTRIBS to have just one buffer. But i have a specific process where i have to retrieve the third attrib only of my TBO in the other TBO, must i use GL_SEPARATE_ATTRIBS (and a few TBOs) or is there a way to give an offset and a stride (in the same way as glVertexAttribPointer) in order to write the vertex shader out infos where i want ?
Thank you in advance :wink:

There is no stride setup for the output stream in TF-1. Maybe they added something into the next TF versions.

What is the format of the target buffer?
Obviously, there is no problem if it has just one attribute.

You can try binding all other attributes of a target buffer as input & output, writing them pass-through (to themselves).

No there are a few attributes. I want the fastest way to do this process so i think i have to use SEPARATE in order to avoid writing ouputs that i don’t want to update, i think it will be faster.
Thank you !