Transform Feedback GL 4.1 Core, OS X - Validation Failed

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get transform feedback working on OS X, and I’m having trouble. After some digging, I narrowed it down to failed validation of the shader programme. Unfortunately, the message I get is ‘Validation Failed’ which, I’m sure you’ll agree, isn’t that helpful (that is honestly the entire contents of the program log.). So, here is some code, hopefully someone can point out something I’m doing wrong. Thanks in advance!

Any ideas?


P.S. The code is for volume processing, I’m trying to see if I can do some nice GPU processing instead of on the CPU, as it’s painfully slow!

Trying to post my code, but it won’t let me…

Seems the forum hates me today.

Super-duper hugs and kisses to anyone who can be bothered to check this!

DasLoius, new users can’t post unmangled URLs until they’ve made a certain number of posts (spam prevention). Sorry for the inconvenience. I fixed your URL for you so folks can get to your source easier. You can also post source code inline in your posts within [noparse]



...[/nocode][/noparse] blocks.

Thanks DarkPhoton, much appreciated!

Well, after posting I had a flash of inspiration, remembering that I was using MRT and custom framebuffers all over the place. Setting the draw framebuffer target back to 0 fixed my problem!

Perhaps this will help someone in future. Maybe just me when I inevitably forget what it was I did to fix it…