Tracing and Profiling GLES on Desktop GPUs?

Could someone point me to a list of the options for either 1) tracing (generating GL call dumps), and/or 2) profiling GLES on desktop GPUs?

I’m most interested in solutions for Windows on desktop GPUs (NVidia, AMD, or Intel) and GLES 3+ support (but will get by with GLES 2+ if it the solution has profiling or logging). Either EGL or wgl is fine for the window system shim.

Options I’m aware of for GLES call tracing on Desktop GPUs:

[li] ANGLE just added GL call tracing to their future-dev branch
[/li][li] BuGLe allegedly has some GLES2 call tracing support
[/li][li] apitrace says it supports GLES2 call tracing
[/li][li] ImgTec supports GLES3 call tracing with their PowerVR SDK (PVRVFrame/PVRTrace)

Anything else? If anyone’s used one of the above, any experience you can pass on (good or bad)?

Also, looking for profiling options (anything up-to and including NVidia Nsight, though I don’t think that supports GLES on desktop GPUs).


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