Tour of Duty (Half Life Mod) Wont Recognise OPEN GL on my new gfx card!! HELP ME!!

Ok I did have a voodoo 3dfx that worked fine with open gl and wicked gl together, sicne i got a new graphics card (Gainward Pro/TV 600 64mb) which was installed as Nvidia GeForce 4 Mx 440 driver.

It says on the back of the box ‘OPEN GL 1.3 compatible’ under the API section so i figured i would be able to run open gl and ToD (tour of duty) but once i tried to access the console to connect to a server it had some kind of HL.exe error or something and crashed the console plus ToD is only a Open GL run game and i am a clan founder/co-leadre and i really need to get back on it soon… PLEASE HELP.

Also a disk came with the gfx card but i couldnt find any kind of open gl driver on there although i found .dll’s… ???

help me please…

from a desperate clan leader - thanks

Also i have O/S windows ME, 550mhz amd processor, 256mb RAM… dont know if that information helps or not ?

Ok dude take it easy there.

OpenGL support has to be supplied through the vendors display drivers.

In your case you should go to and download the latest reference (Detonators) drivers.

Somethings you have to keep in mind (and yes Windows sucks):

1.) Always make sure you completly uninstall any old drivers.

2.) If you ‘upgrade’ your windows from a later version dont expect anything to work as you are used too.

3.) Virus protection software wont allow drivers to install properly.

thanks man