Tool to get depth information

Hi everyone. I’m working on a project that requires that I get the depth information from the scenes in various games.

What I could really use is an application similar to Microsoft’s PIX that will let me get depth information from OpenGL, similar to what is being done with Direct3D on this page:

I would appreciate any advice anyone has on this problem.

Thanks, Jeremy

You can use the GLIntercept and set it to capture the depth buffer during rendering.

When using GLIntercept, you probably want to use the XMLFrame profile and uncomment the line:

DepthBufferLog = (pre,post,diff);

Then press CTRL-SHIFT-F to save the frame data when what you want is on screen.

Man, that GLIntercept sure does look like a great tool. Can’t wait for the linux version :slight_smile:


Well if you want it, you will have to do it yourself. I have lost interest in a Linux version at this time.

Thanks for all the help. I was able to use GLIntercept to get some depth information from a game.