To display list or not to display list

Speaking generally, do the display lists increase the performance on modern display cards or do they not?

Let’s say that we have implemented the following algorithm:

while (i < numberOfVertices)
//build a triangle
for (int j=0; j<3; j++) {

Putting this to a display list may theoretically increase the performance, right? But does it?

And what if we have to constantly modify the vertices? Is it better not to use the lists then?

Thank you

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I would not consider using display lists for dynamic vertices.


I think that the general concensus is that display lists are good for static geometry.

Displays lists usualy give the most performance gain and a certianly easy to use but you have to have static geomtry (dynamic geometry can be handled seperately). It depends on the data, sometimes CVAs are better. However I find all this highly dependent on the GFX card and the drivers. The best way is to make a small test program.