TNT2, Win98 and a slooow framerate...

Okay, here’s my setup…

Win98, Creative Riva TNT2, Intel P3 500 and a Gigabyte GA-BX2000 (440BX AGP chipset) motherboard. I’ve got the latest graphics card BIOS update, the latest NVidia drivers, DirectX 7a, and I’ve done the GLSetup business.

Problem is, I get a really slow framerate with OpenGL! What else can I try? DirectX is fine by the looks of things, but OpenGL seems to be really slow - I’m wondering if it’s using software rendering all the time?

Anyone got any ideas? It’s driving me mad! I’m trying to write an OpenGL game and failing misserabley!

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check the topic

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Must be using software rendering. One way to tell is if the cursor moves really slow. The help one gets from this community is pathetic though. No one has even mentioned a tool to get any debugging information on whatever might be going on.


You mentioned that the cursor might move really slowly if it was software rendering? Well, I just tried recompiling my little program so it didn’t turn off the mouse cursor (thinking that was what you ment - I wasn’t sure), and blow me! It works lightning fast!!! I’ve spent DAYS trying to fixs this damn thing! Downloading this, that, and god-knows what else…

Well, I wish I could tell you what it is I did to fix the problem, but unfortunately, I recon I’m going to put it down to Windows… :o)

Thanks for your help anyway!